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The kitchen is typically the center of your home when entertaining guests, so shortcomings in the design may have become apparent this past holiday season. One of Renae’s talents is designing a kitchen customized to her clients’ needs.  Major renovations will take several months, so make sure your renovating plans take that into consideration when planning.  Also, consider your space and your budget.  Renovations can run the gamut from a complete gut renovation and removal of walls to simple cosmetic upgrades.  Let’s take a look at six elements of kitchen renovations: cabinetry, appliances, countertops, sink and faucets, backsplashes, and hardware. 

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There’s no such thing as too much storage!  Add more storage options to your cabinets with some innovative approaches.  Pull-out cabinets help you utilize every spare inch and can be integrated in surprising ways.  Narrow spaces and corners can be an ideal place to integrate narrow pull-outs for spices or cooking oils.  A dish drawer with movable pegs, like this one we designed for a client, can be reconfigured to store a variety of different sized dishware.  If you have enough room, you may want to consider converting an underutilized space into a butler’s pantry.  This is a useful amenity for serving food or drinks. Don’t be afraid to mix materials: white painted cabinets, wood finishes and a colored kitchen island is a great look!

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One of the most popular upgrades when undertaking kitchen renovations are the appliances.  Of course, you will need a refrigerator, double wall ovens and a cooktop.  There are many options that you may not have considered.  Consider adding a dishwasher drawer for small loads.  You may find this particularly useful when entertaining and you find you are running short on clean glassware or dishes.  Another smaller appliance that is useful when entertaining is a warming drawer that holds your food at the correct temperature until you are ready to serve it.  It can also be used to warm plates.  There is an amazing array of built-in appliances available, such as a coffee-maker.  Consider upgrading your standard microwave to one that is also a convection oven.  If you love microgreens, consider adding an in-kitchen microgreen grow station.  We designed this custom range hood for one of our clients.

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Countertops are also a popular choice when upgrading a kitchen and you can choose from many options.  Natural stones, such as marble are a beautiful option that fit with both modern and traditional kitchens.  Likewise, quartz composite counters are versatile and beautiful.  Concrete is a great material for your kitchen and it can be integrated for a seamless countertop and sink.  We have also had great success with zinc, granite and walnut countertops.  We love this hammered pewter countertop.  New technology forthcoming from ConvenientPower Systems and Formica will soon allow you to make your countertop into a charging station!

busterpunch   CK20033_RMH_Bronze_Cabinet_Hardware


As we have discussed in past months, brass is on-trend again and there are many great options available for cabinet hardware.  Another trend we are noticing is hardware with a black finish.  These furniture knobs are available from Buster + Punch and Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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According to a survey by Houzz, white backsplashes were the most popular option for kitchen renovations last year.  This makes sense, as there are so many beautiful options in stone, ceramic and porcelain tile.  If you wish to go a little bolder, there are many graphic options.  



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