Getting organized in the New Year

Make it your New Year’s resolution to make your home more orderly! Set a goal of organizing one room or section of your home monthly and by the holidays, your entire home will be more attractive and ready for guests when the holidays roll around again.


Renae is known for her high level of organization, so she is always on the lookout for beautiful and functional items for the home.  Replace storage items that are outdated or not functional with some of these great finds from Renae.


Entry area:
Keep disorder at bay by keeping it out of your home!  Sort mail as soon as you get it, recycling what isn’t needed and filing what you need to keep, rather than allowing it to pile up.  A well-designed entry helps to keep necessities out of the way. It should feature hooks for wet scarves and jackets, an area for boots and cubbies for storing items that are used less often.  The metal coatrack hooks from Design Within Reach make a fun statement in your entry, and the copper boot tray from Williams-Sonoma will keep your floors free of melted snow.



Kitchen and Pantry:
Next, get your kitchen organized! Updated cabinetry can help you better arrange your pantry, even if you have a small space.  There are many beautiful storage options to keep your counters neat and clean. Consider these canisters and trays from Tina Frey Designs or this fruit bowl from Les Ateliers Courbet. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 12.59.49 PM  Suede_Covered_Penbox_M_by_Michael_Verheyden_Velvet_Salvia_512_M

Disorder can easily take hold in your bathroom.  Clearing out old toiletries that you no longer use can go a long way to prevent this from happening.  For the items that you wish to keep, there are many great accessories available for the bathroom.  The tray is from Waterworks and the canister is from Pigeon and Poodle.


Home Office:
Keeping the paper monster at bay can be a challenge, even if you have reduced the amount of mail by switching to electronic billing.  To help instill order your home office, we found these storage boxes from Pigeon & Poodle and this beautiful letter tray from Bosca.

pigeonpoodle-Hyde-beige-canisterset2   732-32-02

One of the best ways to declutter your closets is to eliminate items you no longer need.  Once you have cleared some space, try out a new organizational system.  You can go with a closet system like Elfa from the Container Store, but you may find that it isn’t necessary once your wardrobe is pared down.  Instead, add a few new accessories, such as these sweater boxes from the Container Store for storing out-of-season items.  We helped to create a wall of storage with California Closets for one of our Manhattan clients with limited closet space.

10054604-Linen-Drop-Front-Sweater-Bo   Photographer



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